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What is WB Editor?

WB Editor 3 is the third major release of WB Editor, the desktop blogging tool. This release is intended to improve blogging experiences. With the built-in tabbed browser interface, browsing and blogging are integrated. Commenting, managing categories, tagging, and changing the blog theme can be accomplished without leaving the program.

The new editing interface is no more word processor style WYSIWYG but is a brand new TRUE WYSIWYG style. This is a screenshot showing how dose TRUE WYSIWYG editing looks like when editing blog posts on

Older versions:

WB Editor 2 is the second generation of the desktop blogging tool. The re-engineered user interface brings more blogging fun. And the extensible plugin support brings more power to your blogging lifestyle.

WB Editor is a desktop blogging tool that provides a WYSIWYG blog editing interface, remote blog management, trackback ping, category management, file upload, local blog storage, RSS aggregator integration, and more other features.

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